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ProLine™ Replacement Parts

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Proline Pressure Sprayer Tank Exploded View

Tank Parts

Part Item # Price
Vi Series Tank w/ Connector
1.5 Gal GGVT1XXC $84.99 Buy Now
2.5 Gal GGVT2XXC $85.99 Buy Now
Em Series Tank w/ Connector
1.5 Gal GGET1XXC $85.99 Buy Now
2.5 Gal GGET1XXC $86.99 Buy Now
Tank Base w/ Drip Cup GGBCB01C $26.99 Buy Now
Wand Holder GGWHB01C $7.49 Buy Now
Adjustable ConeJet® Tip (Brass) #4 TJ5500X4 $21.99 Buy Now
Adjustable, Angled ConeJet® (Gray) #8 TJ387PX8 $7.49 Buy Now
Strainer TJ84525P $1.99 Buy Now
48" Hose GGSH01VC $21.49 Buy Now
Manual Pump
V Series GGMP02VC $29.49 Buy Now
E Series GGMP02EC $24.49 Buy Now
Easy-Twist Quick-Connect™
V Series GGEQ01VC $19.49 Buy Now
E Series GGEQ01EC $16.99 Buy Now
Tank (w/Pump & Connector) Seal Kit
V Series GGSKTV0C $9.49 Buy Now
E Series GGSKTE0C $6.99 Buy Now
Nozzle Seal Replacement GGSK5500 $1.49 Buy Now

Proline Pressure Sprayer PowerPack Exploded View

PowerPack Parts

Part Item # Price
Replacement Battery (PowerPack X)
Em Series GGBT130C $16.99 Buy Now
Vi Series GGBT230C $29.99 Buy Now
Wall Charger GGQC0184 $16.99 Buy Now
Bleeder Valve GGX1 GGBVX10C $16.49 Buy Now
Air Filter Kit GGFK101C $7.99 Buy Now
Battery Door GGBD001C $6.99 Buy Now

BigFoot Replacement Parts Exploded View

BigFoot™ Replacement Parts

Part Item # Price
Manual Pump
Standard Seals GGMP02EC $24.49 Buy Now
Viton™ Seals GGMP02VC $29.49 Buy Now
Spray Wands
Standard Gray Wand GGWN01HB $1.99 Buy Now
Viton™ Gray Wand GGWN01PB $2.99 Buy Now
Viton™ Brass Wand GGWN01CB $6.99 Buy Now
Spray Handle & Hose
Standard Seals GGSV01HB $3.99 Buy Now
Viton™ Seals GGSV01PB $4.99 Buy Now
Wall Charger Wall Charger $13.99 Buy Now

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